Amoco Production Co. v. Underwood

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Bunting v. Pearson

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City of Perryton v. Huston

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Colorado Interstate Gas Co. v. MAPCO, Inc.

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Conlen Grain & Mercantile, Inc. v. Texas Grain Sorghum Producers Bd.

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Duke v. Sun Oil Co.

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Duke Energy Field Services, L.P. v. Meyer

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First Bank Southwest, as Guardian of the Estate of Phillip Caler v. Simon Property Group, Inc.

(Ind. Super. Ct. Cause No. 49D111105CT017492, Filed May 5, 2011) Bartosiewicz. Negligence and Premises liability. Settlement.

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Fox v. Thoreson

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Good v. TXO Production Corp.

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Gray v. Baker & Taylor Drilling Co.

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Pasley v. Pasley

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General Tel. Co. of Southwest v. City of Perryton

552 S.W.2d 888 (Tex.Civ.App.-Amarillo 1977, writ refused n.r.e.). Lemon. Telephone rate contest.