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Lemon Law Firm has been providing quality legal counsel for over ninety years. Founded in Perryton, Texas in 1929, the law firm has two Texas-based offices in Perryton and Booker and attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas and Oklahoma. The resident attorneys in the Perryton office are F. Keith Good, Matthew D. Bartosiewicz, Carson E. Schilling, Claire Y. Walsh and Brooke N. Campbell.  Attorneys are available to meet in Booker and Canadian by appointment.

The law firm provides a wide range of legal services in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. It has an active civil trial practice in state courts and by mediation and arbitration. It concentrates its practice on real estate, estate planning, trust and estate administration, probate, civil litigation, and energy and natural resources, including wind energy, electricity, oil and gas, and groundwater.

All attorneys of the firm are licensed to practice law in both Texas and Oklahoma.

Firm History

Max W. Boyer founded this law firm in 1929 and continued the practice until his appointment as District Judge of the 84th Judicial District on December 13, 1957. Among the attorneys who practiced with Mr. Boyer were Dan Archer, Bill McConnell, A. B. Hankins, Bill Herndon, Robert D. Lemon, and G. R. Close.

The firm names during that time were:

Max W. Boyer, 1929-1944

Boyer & McConnell, 1944-1946

Boyer, McConnell & Hankins, 1947-1950

Boyer & McConnell, 1950-1951

Boyer & Herndon, 1951-1953

Boyer and Lemon, 1954-1957

Robert D. Lemon, 1929 – 2016

Bob had the longest tenure with the firm, being from 1954 to 2016. Attorneys who have practiced with the firm during that time include Max Boyer, G. R. (Bob) Close, Gene E. Steed, Edward L. Atkinson, Gerry Preston, Otis C. Shearer, William Rivers, Bruce Roberson, Robert D. McCutcheon, Daniel Tsevat, John Irwin, Mitchell G. Ehrlich, John M. Brown, Dana Ehrlich, Jerry Hatley, Jean E. Shotts, Marian M. Holmes, Randall M. Phillips, F. Keith Good, Guy Cooksey, Matthew D. Bartosiewicz, Carson E. Schilling, Jessica McCallie, Claire Y. Walsh, Haley R. Ward and Brooke N. Campbell.

The firm’s additional names have been:

Lemon & Close, 1957-1959

Lemon, Close & Atkinson, 1959-1970

Lemon, Close, Atkinson & Shearer, 1971-1975

Lemon, Close, Atkinson, Shearer & McCutcheon, 1975-1979

Lemon, Close, Atkinson & Shearer, 1979-1981

Lemon, Close, Atkinson, Shearer, Ehrlich & Brown, P.C., 1982-1986

Lemon, Shearer & Ehrlich, P.C., 1987-1988

Lemon, Shearer, Ehrlich, Phillips & Good, P.C., 1989-2000

Lemon Law Firm, 2001- present

Otis C. Shearer has the second longest tenure in the firm from May of 1967 to the present. G. R. (Bob) Close, Max Boyer, and Ed Atkinson had 29, 28 and 27 years respectively with the firm.

Two firm members served in the Texas legislature, Max Boyer and Bob Close. Those two also served as Ochiltree County Attorney. Otis C. Shearer and Randall M. Phillips have served as Lipscomb County Attorney. Matthew D. Bartosiewicz is currently serving as the Lipscomb County Attorney.

In 2020, the attorneys and staff of the Booker location consolidated into the Perryton office. Attorneys are available to meet in Booker and Canadian by appointment.

Lemon, Shearer, Phillips & Good, PC conducts business under the assumed name of Lemon Law Firm.